The Telemed Benefits Solution

It’s finally 2015, and there are new choices out there for companies and employees to take advantage of.

      We all know the gist of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) so far: get your employees affordable healthcare, or face penalties. Of course, we all know it’s thousands of pages more complex than that, but let’s get to the point: yes, you have an employer mandate, but you have choices.
      It’s likely that your company is going to spend just a little bit more than some pocket change on your insurance. It makes it easier on your checkbook if you consider healthcare an investment, not just a cost.
      Keeping your employees happy and healthy keeps them at work, productive, and keeps your business on top. One of the newest and most innovative tools helping companies invest in their employees is the telemed program, and it’s smart to jump on board before it’s too late.
      But what is a telemed program? It’s pretty simple – when your employees get sick or need prescription refills, they can call and speak with a U.S. board certified physician – even on their lunch break. Right off the bat, your employee doesn’t have to waste time scheduling an appointment and taking time out of work to attend. I think that sounds like a home run, and we’re just getting started.
      Not only can your employee consult a doctor over the phone wherever they have signal, they can also receive treatment and call in prescriptions. The service also includes video and email service, which can drastically reduce or even eliminate the need for costly (and time consuming) urgent care or emergency room visits that drive up your expenses.
      In addition to diagnosis and prescriptions, employees will have access to an online portal and a personalized health manager with valuable resources to help them manage their wellness, symptoms, chronic diseases, and improve their health.
      So, with billions in business revenue lost each year to illness and the skyrocketing cost of health care in 2015, is looking into a telemed program on your New Year’s resolution list? Maybe it should be.
      If you’re convinced, then feel free to contact us at any point for more information and to get started on your employee health investment.
Some additional facts to note:
  • Since 1999, worker contributions to premiums have increased 168%, wages 50% and inflation 38%.
  • National Center for Policy Analysis said that “Telemedicine is essential to Healthcare Reform”.
  • 50%+ of Employees did not take off work when using Consult A Doctor.
  • 93% Would Recommend Consult A Doctor.
  • 92% of Patients had issues resolved with Consult A Doctor.
  • 95% of members will use it again.
[Facts and more information credited to Consult A Doctor]

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