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The ACA Gears are Churning

Time to change ACA gears The July 4th weekend marked more than our nation’s anniversary of freedom, it marked less than 6 months to another ACA installation date.  As most of you are aware, the ACA postponed the original “installment” date of the Employer Mandate portion and cut it into 2 portions.  Those companies with

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A look at where dental is going now

Recently, I reposted an article on dental insurance.  I gave my comment that coverage is worth it if you get your teeth cleaned twice a year or have a family member with dental issues that requires treatment.  I want to revisit dental insurance here, but more from the providing employer’s perspective than the employee’s. Dental

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The Value of What Employees Want: Choice

The value of employee choice: the elusive 100%. The polls are in – and employees are mostly happy with their provided health plans: mostly. 85% of employees polled claim that they’re anywhere between somewhat and extremely satisfied with their employer provided benefits plan – and that means employers are doing a good job. This should

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